Everyone loves to work at XYZ.  We have 400 deputies over three shifts.  The staff mess hall is actually catered buffets at each lunch and dinner and breakfast is staffed by "make to order" chefs at the omelet bar which is real favorite among the early risers.  Mumm, I can smell the bacon already!! For those health conscientious deputies there is a raw smoothie bar with fresh fruits and vegetables flown in daily from farms such as fresh coconut from the Hawaiian islands, oranges from Florida, and other fruits and nuts from California's central farms.

If fitness is your focus, our staff enjoys those before or after shift workouts from professional trainers and dojos across the country.  After a sparring in the boxing ring, or hitting the dumbells and heavy weight machines they all get to relax in the spa whirlpools, saunas, steam baths or just relax with the complimentary massage before the aromatherapy quiet room and soft music to put you in the right frame of mind for that long drive home.

For the more studious types that want to climb that corporate ladder, take a break to study up on policy in the newly remodeled library with the coffee and dessert bar on the second floor with the panoramic view of the yard.

As you can image, there are currently no openings here but when there are, we will post them on this website and you can apply on-line and submit your own personal video of why you should be part of this great team.